Cable internet

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Cable is a way to provide internet services to homes and businesses through a coaxial cable . Because cable internet uses existing cable TV wires, it can service large areas without building new wires, especially in the United States.

A cable modem

Modem[change | change source]

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When you subscribe to cable internet service they will send you a modem, the modem is like a translator, taking an analog signal and turning it into a digital signal that your computer can understand.

Speed[change | change source]

What speeds you will get depends on many things, such as the company or the speed package you subscribe to, but the general rule is, cable internet has a maximum speed of 1000 megabits per second.

Phone service[change | change source]

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Cable internet can also carry phone calls through the internet, this is called VoIP which stands for 'Voice over Internet protocol' this is, however different than calls over a smart phone.

Cable Internet Providers[change | change source]

Major internet providers in the United States are: Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox, Mediacom, and Suddenlink.