Cadet Forces Medal

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Cadet Force Medal
Awarded by New Zealand and United Kingdom
EligibilityCommissioned Officers and non commissioned adult instructors of the UK Cadet Forces, and Commissioned Officers of the New Zealand Cadet Forces.
Awarded for12 years service
Campaign(s)Long service
StatusCurrently awarded
Claspsevery 8 years additional service in NZ or 6 additional years in the UK
Established1 February1950

The Cadet Forces Medal is given for long and good service by commissioned officers and non commissioned adult instructors of the UK Cadet Forces: The Army Cadet Force, the Air Training Corps, the Sea Cadet Corps and Combined Cadet Force, and commissioned officers of the New Zealand Cadet Forces. It is awarded for 12 years service. Clasps are given for every 8 years further service in New Zealand & for 6 more years in the UK.

Post Nominals[change | change source]

People who receive the Cadet Forces Service Medal do not earn the right to use post-nominal letters.

Description[change | change source]

  • The Cadet Force Medal is make from cupro-nickel (A copper & nickel alloy) in the form of a circular Medal bearing on the obverse (front) the Crowned Effigy (head and shoulders) of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom and on the reverse (back) the words “The Cadet Forces Medal”, and a torch. The name of the person to whom it is awarded shall be stamped on the rim of the Medal.
  • The ribbon is one and a quarter inches wide which has a green background, yellow edges, narrow stripes of dark blue, red and light blue being placed on top. The ribbon shall be worn with the dark blue stripe further from the left shoulder than the stripe of light blue.

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