Canadian Eskimo Dog

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Canadian Eskimo Dog
Other names
  • Qimmiq
  • Canadian Husky
  • Canadian Inuit Dog
  • C. familiaris borealis
  • Exquimaux Husky
  • Kingmik
  • Chien Esquimau Canadien
  • Kanadischer Eskimohund
  • Perro Esquimal Canadiense
Classification / standards
FCI Group 5 Spitz and Primitive dogs, Section 1 Nordic Sledge Dogs #211 standard
ANKC Group 6 - Utility standard
CKC Working Dogs standard
KC (UK) Working standard
NZKC Utility standard
UKC Northern Breed standard
NotesThe UKC does not have an official breed standard
Territorial animal of Nunavut[2]
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is an Arctic breed of working dog. Another name for it is qimmiq, and it was brought to North America from Siberia by the Thule people.

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