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Capparis decidua

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Capparis decidua
Not evaluated (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification
C. decidua
Binomial name
Capparis decidua
(Forssk.) Edgew.

Capparis aphylla

Capparis decidua is commonly known as karir, kair, kirir, karril, Teent etc. It is either a small tree with many branches or a shrub of the Thar desert and other hot and dry regions in southern Asia. It has a lot of thin, leafless branches, the small leaves being found only on young shoots. It rarely grows above a height of 5 meters (15 feet). These unripe fruits were used as a major dietary food item by the majority of people due to its exceptional nutritional and medicinal properties. The berries can be eaten and mixed with sangri (beans from the tree Prosopis cineraria) form a vegetable dish called "Kair sangri" in Rajasthan, India, which is a delicacy to many.khair is also used for preparing pickle and can be stored for long time . They are highly tolerant to salinity of soil (8 mmhos) . These plants grow in extremely scarce condition of water ( xerophytes ) like ber .