Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

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Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
Directed byDale Schott
Written byPeter Sauder
Produced byMichael Hirsh
Patrick Loubert
Clive A. Smith
StarringAlyson Court
Cree Summer
Hadley Kay
Pam Hyatt
Maxine Miller
Billie Mae Richards
Bob Dermer
Music byPatricia Cullen
Nelvana Limited
LBS Communications
Wang Film Productions
American Greetings
Distributed byColumbia Pictures (United States)
Kid Sehenswert von Polyband (Germany)
Release dates
March 7, 1986 (limited)
March 21, 1986 (wide)
Running time
United States

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation is an animated movie from 1986, made by Canada's Nelvana Limited and distributed by Columbia Pictures. A follow-up to the first Care Bears Movie, it tells of the beginnings of the Kingdom of Caring, and of the Care Bears' first Caring Mission, which takes place at a summer camp.

The movie made $8.5 million in the United States during its original run at theatres. Only one more addition to the original Care Bear trilogy, Adventure in Wonderland, would premiere on the big screen the next summer.

A New Generation is a prequel to the Nelvana television series that would be shown on the ABC network the following September.

Synopsis[change | change source]

In this second movie, the Great Wishing Star helps True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse start the Care Bear Family, as they try to save them and the Kingdom from a demon villain named Dark Heart. A camper named Christy makes a deal with the villain that makes her a success at anything she never did before, even cartwheels. In turn, he plans to forever capture the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins, one at a time, inside a magic red bag, and them trap them all inside a secret location somewhere at camp.

Christy's two friends, Dawn and John, later join the Care Bear Family so that they can put an end to his evil doings.

Facts[change | change source]

An episode of DiC's Care Bears show also took place at a summer camp. But the storyline of A New Generation does not borrow from it.

This was one of only two Care Bear movies to have Harmony Bear as a character; the other one was 2005's Big Wish Movie. Her second and final 1980s appearance was in the animated series' "Great Race" episode.

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