Carl Johnson

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Carl Johnson
ChildrenSweet Johnson, Kendl Johnson
RelativesBig Smoke, Ryder, Grove Street Families
NationalityLos Santos 1968-1981 Red County 1981-1990 Dillimore 1981-1989 Liberty City 1990-1992 Los Santos 1992-Present

Carl "CJ" Johnson is the main playable character of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.[1] The game's main storyline begins with Carl returning to Los Santos following the tragic demise of his mother.

CJ is a member of the Grove Street Families, a street gang located in Los Santos.[2]

Prior to events in San Andreas, CJ causes the accidental death of his brother. Eventually he decides to leave his gang life behind by moving to Liberty City, where he commences to work with Joey Leone in the car theft business.

He is voiced by rapper Young Maylay.

Enemy Officer Tenpenny[change | change source]

Frank Tenpenny
Vice City
Near Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos
RelativesCarl Johnson (formerly), Big Smoke (formerly)
Police career
Badge number1111

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