Castlereagh River

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Castlereagh River, south of Walgett, New South Wales

The Castlereagh River is an inland river in New South Wales, Australia. It begins in the Warrumbungles, a mountain range, and flows east towards Coonabarabran.[1] It turns to the south, and then flows north west through Gilgandra and Coonamble, before joining the Macquarie River.[1] The length of the river is about 340 mi (547 km).[1]

The first Europen to see the Castlereagh River was George William Evans in 1818 during John Oxley's expedition.[1] It was later explored by Charles Sturt in 1829. The river is named after Lord Castlereagh, a British politician who was the Secretary of State for the Colonies.[1]

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