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All checked against Linguist List 2015-3-24.

The following have ISO codes but nothing in the ref field, as of 2015-3-13:

ISO code but no ref

Adithinngithigh language, Aghu Tharrnggala language, Aguano language, Alngith dialect, Andaqui language, Anguthimri language, Anserma language, Aribwatsa language, Arikem language, Arritinngithigh language, Aushiri language, Awngthim language, Ayabadhu language, Badjiri language, Barababaraba language, Bayali language, Beigo language, Bigambal language, Bindal language, Biri language, Bungandidj language, Cagua language, Cauca language, Cenu language, Chico language, Chipiajes language, Coxima language, Cruzeño language, Darkinjung language, Darumbal language, Daungwurrung language, Dhurga language, Diyari language, Djabwurrung language, Djadjawurrung language, Dura language, Gabi-Gabi language, Gafat language, Galaagu language, Garlali language, Giimbiyu language, Gudang dialect, Gule language, Guwa language, Holma language, Huamoé language, Ikarranggal language, Kakauhua language, Kalaamaya language, Kalkatungu language, Kamba language (Brazil), Kapinawá language, Karami language, Karranga language, Kok-Nar language, Koropó language, Kpati language, Kubi language, Kungkari language, Kuthant language, Kuuk Yak language, Kuurn Kopan Noot language, Ledji-Ledji language, Linngithigh dialect, Luthigh language, Malgana language, Manangkari language, Mangue language, Mattole language, Mayi-Kulan language, Mayi-Kutuna language, Mboa language, Minkin language, Miriti language, Mithaka language, Mpalitjanh dialect, Mulaha language, Ndra'ngith language, Ngadjuri language, Ngandi language, Nganyaywana language, Ngarrindjeri language, Ngayawung language, Nukunul language, Obispeño language, Pallanganmiddang language, Papora-Hoanya language, Parnkalla language, Pasto language, Pataxó language, Pirriya language, Piscataway language, Potiguára language, Purí language, Purisimeño language, Runa language, Saraveca language, Shiriana language, Singa language, Subtiaba language, Tagalaka language, Tama language (Colombia), Tayabas Ayta language, Teshenawa language, Tharawal language, Thawa language, Tingui-Botó language, Togoyo language, Tonjon language, Tremembé language, Truká language, Tubar language, Turrbal language, Turung language, Umbuygamu language, Uradhi language, Uruava language, Waamwang language, Wadi Wadi language, Wagaya language, Wailaki language, Wakabunga language, Wakawaka language, Wakoná language, Walangama language, Wanggamala language, Wangkumara language, Waraikú language, Ware language, Wasu language, Wathawurrung language, Wemba Wemba language, Wergaia, Woiwurrung language, Worimi language, Wudhadhi dialect, Wuliwuli language, Xukuru language, Yabaâna language, Yabula-Yabula language, Yameo language, Yiman language, Yinhawangka language, Yinwum dialect, Yirandhali language, Yugul language, Yuyu language

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