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This tracking category is triggered by entering "?" in the speaker field of the language infobox, but not the latest edition of Ethnologue (currently "e18") in the ref field, for boxes with ISO codes. This is done so that these articles will be flagged for attention when a new edition of Ethnologue comes out.

17 articles remaining after checking with Ethn.18 (as category was populated on 2015-4-3):

Abui (ethnicity subbed for speaker pop), Algerian SL (dubious e18 figure), Anakalangu (ethnicity subbed for speaker pop),
Dazawa (retired ISO code), East Low German, Egyptian SL (dubious e18 figure), Libyan SL (dubious e18 figure),
Lingua Franca Nova, Malayan (not clear if meaningful figure can be arrived at), Nen (ISO code request)
New High German, Northern Low Saxon, Oblo (no data), Orang Seletar (dubious e18 figure), Swiss-German SL (dubious e18 figure),
Ugandan SL (dubious e18 figure), Vietnamese SLs (= artefact of having multiple info boxes)

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