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TypePublic, Graduate engineering school
48°42′36.303″N 2°9′47.819″E / 48.71008417°N 2.16328306°E / 48.71008417; 2.16328306
AffiliationsConférence des Grandes Écoles
University of Paris-Saclay

CentraleSupélec is a graduate school of engineering in France. Its main campus is located at the Paris-Saclay plateau, and is one of the constituent institutes of the University of Paris-Saclay.

Its different curricula lead to the following French & European degrees :

  • Ingénieur CentraleSupélec (Graduate Engineer program, leading to the Diplôme d'Ingénieur)
  • Master of Science & Doctorat (Doctorate studies, leading to PhD)
  • Mastères Spécialisés (Specialized Masters; MS)
  • Massive Online Open Course[1]

The academic and research programs, including industrial research collaborations, are mainly offered in French in English.

Most of the 5000 students in the Graduate Engineer program at CentraleSupélec live in dedicated student residences near the research labs and metro train station. Some of the campus facilities are shared with 65,000 students from other constituent schools of the University of Paris-Saclay.

History[change | change source]

CentraleSupélec was created 1 January 2015 from École Centrale de Paris and Supélec. This was in order to create one of the best universities in the world.[2][3] Since October 2023, the school has been a partner of IPSA for double degrees in aerospace.[4]

Admission[change | change source]

Admission to the CentraleSupélec Programme (2-year curriculum) is by:

  • a French nationwide selective exam with numerus clausus: concours Centrale-Supelec[5] (3-year curriculum including at least 2 years in France)
  • a selective application from Top Industrial Managers for Europe (TIME) double degrees[6] procedures applicable in Europe (2+2-year curriculum, including 2 years in France)

The CentraleSupélec Programme typically lasts three years. It results in a master's degree, in addition to international experience. The undergraduate studies plus the CentraleSupélec Programme account for more than a 300 ECTS credits in the European education system.

However, graduate students enrolled in the TIME double degree program are required to spend two-years at CentraleSupélec and spend two years in the TIME-partner institute for a total of four years. This results in a double master's degree.

Research labs[change | change source]

Research activities at CentraleSupélec relate to the following topics:

  • Materials and Procedures
  • Mechanics, Energetics and Combustion
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Technology and IT Systems
  • Signal processing, Automation
  • Electrical Engineering, Electronics
  • Industrial Engineering, Economics and Administration

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