Cerro Chirripó

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Cerro Chirripó
Cerro Chirripó.jpg
Elevation 3,820 m (12,533 ft)[1]
Prominence 3,727 m (12,228 ft)
Cerro Chirripó is located in Costa Rica
Cerro Chirripó
Cerro Chirripó
Location in Costa Rica
Location Chirripó National Park, Costa Rica
Coordinates 9°29′2.7″N 83°29′19.2″W / 9.484083°N 83.488667°W / 9.484083; -83.488667Coordinates: 9°29′2.7″N 83°29′19.2″W / 9.484083°N 83.488667°W / 9.484083; -83.488667

Cerro Chirripó is the highest mountain peak of Costa Rica. This mountain is in Chirripó National Park. It is known for its biodiversity. From the mountain, it is possible to see both the Carribean Sea and the Pacific Ocean at the same time on a clear day.[2]

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