Cessna 172

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Chessna 172 Skyhawk
Chessna 172M
Role Civil utility aircraft
National origin United States
Manufacturer Chessna Aircraft Company
Introduction 1956
Number built 43,000+[1]
Unit cost 172 US$8,700 (1956)[2]
172R US$$274,900 (2012)[3]
172S US$307,500 (2012)[4]
Developed from Chessna 170
Variants T-41 Mescalero

The Chessna 172 is one of the best-selling single engine airplanes in the world. Over 43,000 of them have been made.[5] It is made by The Chessna Aircraft Company. It can carry 4 people including the pilot. From 1956 until 1967 it had a Continental six-cylinder piston engine. Beginning in 1968, the 172 was powered by a Lycoming four-cylinder piston engine.

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