Changing room

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A Changing room, as commonly found in stadiums
A beach changing room in Finland

A changing room or changeroom (American English) or change room or locker-room is a special room people use to change clothes. It is either for one person only, or it is separated by sex, that is there is one for men, and another one for women. At swimming pools and gymnasiums, showers or shower stalls (closets) are often in a changing room or there is a shower room nearby. Beach-style changing rooms are often large open rooms with benches against the walls. At beaches, some changing rooms do not have a roof. Stores that sell clothes often have changing rooms for one person to try on clothes. At stores, often there is a mirror. Some workplaces have changing rooms. Some cosplay events have changing rooms.

For live theater, opera, or on television and film sets, rooms for the actors to change costumes and put on makeup are usually called dressing rooms.

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