Charles IV

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Charles IV, was a Holy Roman emperor from 1355, Until his death in 1378. He was made King of Germany in 1346 after being elected. He also became king of Bohemia in 1346 after his dad died.

Charles IV
Holy Roman Emperor King of Italy King of the Romans
Portrait of Charles IV, painted by Master Theodoric of Prague in the year 1368
Holy Roman Emperor
Reign1355 - 29 November, 1378
CoronationJuly 29th, 1355 Milian
PredecessorLouis IV
BornCharles John
14 May, 1316
Died29 November, 1378 (Aged 62)
Prague, Kingdom of Bohemia
Burial11 December, 1318
SpouseBlanche of Valois

Anne of Bavaria Anna von Schweidnitz

Elizabeth of Pomerania
IssueMargaret (Queen of Hungary)

Catherine (Duchess of Austria and Bavaria) Elisabeth (Duchess of Austria) Wenceslas (King of Bohemia and Germany) Anne (Queen of England) Sigismund (Holy Roman Emperor) John (Duke of Görlitz)

Margaret (Burgravine of Nuremberg)
Full name
Charles John
HouseHouse of Luxembourg
FatherJohn of Luxembourg
MotherElizabeth of Bohemia
ReligionRoman Catholic