Charlie Parker

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Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker (August 29, 1920 in Kansas City, MissouriMarch 12, 1955 in New York City), also known as "Bird" or "Yardbird", was considered one of the greatest jazz saxophonists, specifically alto saxophonist. Parker was thought to have created bebop.

Parker died in New York City at the age of 34 from cirrhosis, internal bleeding and pneumonia caused by a heart attack.

This next part is written by Situ Zhao, please subscribe me on youtube type Situ Zhao and then you'll find Neuro-X that's my channel The American Jazz Saxophonist and composer was known for creating the style of Jazz called Bebop or for short, Bop. Bebop is a style of Jazz containing a fast tempo, complex chord progression, a rapid chord change, and numerous changes of keys. This has also inspired other Jazz composer to make Bebop music like Tenor sax player Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rolins, and James Moody; trumpeters Fats-Navorro and Dizzy Gillespie; pianists Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk; electric guitarist Charlie Christians, and the drummer Mas Roach. Parker began playing Saxophone at age of 11, and at the age of 14, he joined his school band using a rented school instrument. His father, Charles, was often absent but provided some musical influence; he was a pianist, dancer, singer on T.O.B.A circus. He later became a pull man waiter and a chef on the railways. Parkers' mother Addie worked nights at the local Western Union office. Unfortunately, while parker was watching The Dorsey Brothers' Stage show, he had a sudden heart attack and the young legend died.