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Charmin (/ˈʃɑːrm[invalid input: 'ɨ']n/) is a brand of toilet paper. It is made by Procter & Gamble.

History[change | change source]

The Charmin name was first created in 1928 by the Hoberg Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1950, Hoberg changed its name to Charmin Paper Company and kept making toilet paper, paper napkins, and other paper products. Procter & Gamble (P&G) bought Charmin Paper Company in 1957, but sold the right to make and sell it in Europe (where it is now called Cushelle) to SCA in 2008.

Advertising[change | change source]

Older American adverts had actor Dick Wilson in them. He played the fake grocer Mr. George Whipple. He told customers "Please don't squeeze the Charmin!" in more than 500 commercials between 1964 and 1985.[1]

The Charmin Bear began being used in 2000. This happened at the same time that Charmin became available in Canada. The Charmin Bear is now the mascot for Charmin Ultra Strong and Charmin Ultra Soft.

European name change to "Cushelle"[change | change source]

From February 2010, Charmin's European name was changed to Cushelle by SCA.[2] There is also a new mascot, Koala which is a koala. Cushelle adverts are voiced-over by Robert Webb.

Environment[change | change source]

In February 2009,[3] Greenpeace asked people not to use Charmin toilet paper. They said that it does not use recycled paper and uses ECF bleaching.[4]

German rename to Zewa[change | change source]

In 2008, Charmin was renamed to Zewa in Germany. There was no mascot in the adverts. However, in the first Zewa advert, the Charmin Bear was seen.

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