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Chaykovskiy, Perm Krai

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Coat of arms

Chaikovskiy is a town in Perm Krai, an administrative centre of Chaikovskiy region. It was established in 1962. 82,400 people live in the town.


The town is west of the Ural Mountains, on the left bank of the Kama at the mouth of the small river Saygatka in the southwest of Perm Krai. The territory of Chaikovskiy is about 31 square kilometers. The town is on the plain at the bank of the Kama river.

Chaikovskiy is relatively far from Perm, but it has a good geographical position. It is at the meeting point of Udmurt Republic, Bashkortostan and Perm Krai.

Location of Chaykovskiy Region (Perm Kray)
Карта Чайковского

Chaikovskiy is a green, comfortable town. It is surrounded by water from three sides. There are parks in the town and forests around it. A notable place of interest is a quiet street with many apple trees going from the river port to the town center. The air and water are clean in Chaykovskiy.

Local people like swimming, boating and water skiing in the summer. Ski jumping and biathlon are popular winter sports.