Child abuse

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Child abuse is the abuse, mistreatment or hurt done by adults to children. It often means abuse done by a child's parents or another caregiver. Injuries to the skin like bruises may be one of the signs of child abuse.

Talking about these things and helping children who suffer from child abuse is very important, but some people do not believe it could happen in their country, neighbourhood or family. They like to think these crimes are far away and so they cannot see if a child nearby is in danger.

Types of child abuse[change | change source]

  • Child abandonment - when an adult put away with a child neglecting the duty to care
  • Child labour - when an adult forces a child to work like adult
  • Child sexual abuse — when an adult makes a child do sexual things, including sexual touching, kissing or sexual intercourse. These things cause terrible harm to the child for a very long time, maybe forever. Some of the harm is not felt by the child until he/she grows up.