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Chocobos are fictional creatures featured in the game series called Final Fantasy. They look like giant, ostrish-like yellow birds.

They first appeared in Final Fantasy 2 and were used in most Final Fantasy sequels after that. They can be used to travel around the game, or play mini-games.The origin of Chocobo is 'Kyoro-chan'.Chocobo likes 'Vegetable of Gizarle'. They have special smell.

Types[change | change source]

  • Chocobos - The normal type of chocobos. It can run fast on ground.
  • Black Chocobos - The chcobos with black hair. It can fly in the sky.
  • White Chocobos - The chcobos with white hair. In Final Fantasy 4, it recovers MP. And in Final Fantasy 5, it fights with other characters.
  • Fat Chocobos - It can keeps items in their stomach.