Chuvash language

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Чӑвашла, Čăvašla
Native toRussia
RegionChuvashia and adjacent areas
Native speakers
1.1 million (2010 census)[1]
Early form
Official status
Official language in
Language codes
ISO 639-1cv
ISO 639-2chv
ISO 639-3chv
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Chuvash (Чӑвашла, Čăvašla; IPA: [tɕəʋaʂˈla])[2] is a Turkic language. It is spoken in Chuvashia, a part of central Russia. It is the only language from the Oghur branch of the Turkic languages that is still spoken today. Though many Turkic languages can be understood by different speakers, Chuvash is quite different.

Chuvash is written using the Cyrillic script. Its alphabet has all of the letters of the Russian alphabet and adds four letters of its own: Ӑ, Ӗ, Ҫ and Ӳ.

References[change | change source]

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  2. also known as Chăvash, Chuwash, Chovash, Chavash, Çuvaş or Çuaş

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