Classical Latin

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Classical Latin
LINGVA LATINA, lingua latina
Rome Colosseum inscription 2.jpg
Latin inscription in the Colosseum
Native toRoman Republic, Roman Empire
RegionMare Nostrum region
Era75 BC to AD 3rd century, when it developed into Late Latin
Early form
Classical Latin alphabet 
Official status
Official language in
Roman Republic, Roman Empire
Regulated bySchools of grammar and rhetoric
Language codes
ISO 639-3
The range of Latin, AD 60

Classical Latin is the form of Latin that was used by the ancient Romans in official Roman record-keeping, the Roman military, and Latin literature. Its use helped the Golden Age of Latin literature during the 1st century BC and the early 1st century AD.

Classical Latin is a dead language, as is Vulgar Latin, the common speech of citizens in the Roman Empire. Latin is no longer spoken as a first language, bit it is still spoken by church officials in the Vatican, where it is the official language.