Coat of arms of the Bahamas

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Coat of arms of the Bahamas
ArmigerCharles III in Right of the Bahamas
Adopted7 December 1971
CrestConch shell proper, surrounded by five palm fronds vert
TorseBlue and Gold
SupportersMarlin and Flamingo
MottoForward, Upward, Onward Together

The Coat of Arms of the Bahamas is a shield with the national symbols.

Description and explanation[change | change source]

The shield has a marlin and flamingo. The crest on top of the helmet is a conch shell. This is for the varied marine life of the island chain. The ship is said to be the Santa María of Christopher Columbus. The animals on the shield are the national animals. The national motto is at the bottom.

The vibrant colors of the coat of arms are to point to a bright future for the islands.

The Coat of Arms was approved by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on 7th December, 1971.