Collingwood School

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Collingwood School is a private school in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It teaches from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.[1]

History[change | change source]

Collingwood School was opened in 1984 by West Vancouver and North Vancouver parents who wanted a private school nearby. The school was named after a ship called the HMCS Collingwood. The school used the buildings from the old Glenmore Elementary School. Now the school has buildings in two different parts of West Vancouver.

Facilities[change | change source]

Front of Morven Campus

The "Morven" campus is the oldest part of the school. This is where they teach the older children, from Grade 6 to Grade 12. It is in a part of West Vancouver called the British Properties. The address is 70 Morven Drive, West Vancouver.[2] The "Wentworth" campus was built later. This is where they teach the younger children, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5. It is right below Cypress Provincial Park in West Vancouver.

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