Coma Pedrosa

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Coma Pedrosa
Highest point
Elevation2,943 m (9,656 ft)[1]
Prominence434 m (1,424 ft)[1]
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates42°35′26″N 1°26′41.21″E / 42.59056°N 1.4447806°E / 42.59056; 1.4447806Coordinates: 42°35′26″N 1°26′41.21″E / 42.59056°N 1.4447806°E / 42.59056; 1.4447806
Location Andorra, parish of La Massana
Parent rangePyrenees

Coma Pedrosa is the highest mountain in Andorra.[2] It is popular with mountain climbers. The nearest town is Arinsal, La Massana.

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