Combine harvester

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Harvesting oats in a Claas lexion 570 combine with enclosed, air-conditioned cab with rotary thresher and laser-guided hydraulic steering
Drone video of combine harvester and tractor in Estonia (August 2022)
Old-style harvester found in Henty, New South Wales

A combine harvester, also called a combine, is a machine that harvests crops. Its name comes from doing three separate parts of harvesting crops at once:

  • reaping: cutting and collecting crops when they are ready for harvesting,
  • threshing: separating the parts of a crop that can be eaten by people from the parts that can't.
  • winnowing: removing the already separated parts of the crop that can't be eaten by people, the chaff, while keeping the part that can be eaten, the grain.

Far fewer people work in farming as a result of the combine harvester.[1]

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