Condor Legion

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Legion Condor
Standard of the Condor Legion
ActiveJuly 1936 - March 1939
CountryNazi Germany
RoleAir Defense Force
EngagementsSpanish Civil War
DecorationsSpanish Cross
Hugo Sperrle
Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma
Aircraft flown
BomberJunkers Ju 52
FighterHeinkel He 51
ReconnaissanceHeinkel He 99, Heinkel He 70

The Condor Legion (German: Legion Condor) was a unit of volunteers from the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). This group served during the Spanish Civil War of July 1936 to March 1939. Hugo Sperrle commanded the aircraft units of the Condor Legion and Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma commanded the non-aircraft units.