Continuation War

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Continuation War
Part of the Eastern Front of World War II
DateJune 1941 - September 1944
Result Soviet victory
 Soviet Union  Finland

The Continuation War or Second Soviet-Finnish War was a war between Finland and the Soviet Union. Nazi Germany helped Finland as part of the Eastern Front.

It was fought between June 25, 1941 and September 19, 1944 and continued the Winter War. The Finnish army quickly took back territory that was lost in the Winter War, and soon also conquered Karelia. They helped in the siege of Leningrad but in the summer of 1944 the Soviet Union took back most of the territory it had lost earlier.

The ceasefire started on September 4, 1944 at 7.00 a.m. for the Finns. The Soviets' ceasefire started on September 5. The first peace treaty was signed on September 19 1944 and the final one on February 10, 1947 in Paris.