Copper(I) acetylide

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Copper(I) acetylide, also known as cuprous acetylide, is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is Cu2C2. It contains copper in its +1 oxidation state. It also contains acetylide ions.

Properties[change | change source]

Copper(I) acetylide is a reddish solid. It is an explosive. It is a strange explosive because it does not release gas. When it detonates, it only releases copper and carbon. It can be formed inside copper pipes where acetylene flows through. It explodes because the acetylide is a reducing agent and the copper(I) is an oxidizing agent.

Preparation[change | change source]

It is made by reacting copper(I) chloride dissolved in ammonia with acetylene. Hydrochloric acid and copper(I) acetylide is made. This reaction is used to test for acetylene.

Uses[change | change source]

It is used in organic chemistry. It is a very sensitive explosive, too sensitive to be used.

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