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Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Profile.png
Cardigan Welsh corgi
Other names Welsh corgi
Country of origin Wales
Weight Male 27 lbs (12¼ Kg)
Female 25 lbs (11⅓ Kg)
Height Male 10-12.5" (25.5-30.5 cm)
Female 10-12.5" (25.5-30.5 cm)
Coat Short or medium length
Color Any color
Life span 11.7 years

The corgi (or Welsh corgi) is a small breed of dog. It comes from Wales. Queen Elizabeth II has some corgis. There are two breeds: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi.

Corgis have a long torso and short legs, large bones, and a very short tail. Some corgis do not have tails.

Corgis were originally bred as herding dogs. They are very active and like exercise. They are intelligent and have good memories.