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A stack of crêpes
Alternative namesCrepe
Place of originBrittany, France
Serving temperatureWarm, hot or cold
Main ingredientsWheat flour or buckwheat flour, milk, eggs

A crêpe or crepe (/krp/ or /krɛp/, French: [kʁɛp] (audio speaker iconlisten), Quebec French: [kʁaɪ̯p] (audio speaker iconlisten)) is a type of pancake. The dough is made of flour, eggs, and a liquid, usually milk or water. The crepe is then cooked on both sides.

Originally, crêpes came from Brittany in France, where they originated in the 13th century.[1] Today, they can be found all over the world.

There are two varieties: the sweet crêpe, crêpe sucrée, and the salty one, which is usually called galettes. Crêpes are usually consumed with a filling.

When preparing the gallettes, usually a different kind of flour is used (blé de Sarassin, from Buckwheat), and less sugar is used.

Special places that mainly servecrêpes are called crêperie in France.

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