Crater Lake National Park

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Crater Lake National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Above Crater Lake (cropped).jpg
Crater Lake
Locationsouthwestern Oregon, United States
Nearest cityMedford
Coordinates42°54′43″N 122°08′53″W / 42.91183°N 122.14807°W / 42.91183; -122.14807Coordinates: 42°54′43″N 122°08′53″W / 42.91183°N 122.14807°W / 42.91183; -122.14807
Area183,225 acres (74,149 ha)[1]
EstablishedMay 22, 1902 (1902-05-22)
Visitors423,551 (in 2011)[2]
Governing bodyNational Park Service

Crater Lake National Park is a national park in the U.S. state of Oregon. It was created in 1902. It is the only national park in Oregon.[3] The park includes the caldera of Crater Lake, the remains of the destroyed volcano Mount Mazama, and nearby hills and forests.

The lake is 1,943 feet (592 m) deep.[4] It is the deepest lake in the United States, the second deepest in North America and the ninth deepest in the world.[4] The lake is so deep because of the caldera it is in.

Crater Lake has no streams flowing into or out of it. All water that enters the lake is eventually lost from evaporation or flowing away underground. The lake is re-filled only from snow and rain.

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