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Cuba libre

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A homemade Cuba Libre

The Cuba Libre (IPA /'kuβ̞a'liβ̞ɾe/ in Spanish, kjuːbʌ liːbɹeɪ/ in English, "Free Cuba") is a cocktail made of Cola, rum, and lime. Also referred as Rum and Coke in United States and Canada, it is usually served in a highball glass. The exact recipe of the drink is 2 oz of light rum, juice of 1/2 limes, and cola, although variation in rum is possible according to taste. After pouring the lime juice into the highball glass, add rum, fill the rest of the glass with cola, and then stir.

The exact history of Cuba Libre is uncertain. Generally accepted theory is that the drink was invented in Havana, Cuba around 1900, after Cuba’s liberation and when Coke was first introduced to Cuba.