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The Win Flag (left) or Loss Flag (right) indicates home game outcomes.

The Cubs Win Flag is a flag that is flown at Wrigley Field after every Chicago Cubs home win.[1][2] The flag is called by about a dozen names. These names usually include several of the following words; either Cubs or Chicago Cubs; Win, W, White, White W, or W Win; and flag, banner or banner flag. Other common names for the symbol include Cubs Win Banner Flag.[3][4] It has become an important symbol for fans.[5] Days when the win flag is flown are known as "White Flag Days". The tradition of flying a win or loss flag over the stadium began soon after the scoreboard was built in 1937.[6]

The flag has used two different colors with the letter "W" on a solid background. The flag used now is white with a blue "W." There is a flag used for losses with a letter "L". This flag is blue with a white "L" on it. Additionally, lights are shone on the flags that show if it was a win or loss.[6] A new flag is used for each win.[7] Some stores sell versions of the flag that also have the Cubs logo at the bottom.[8]

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