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The world's largest Cuckoo clock in Kimberly, British Columbia

A cuckoo clock is a kind of clock. Cuckoo clocks have a wooden case that looks like a small house, and there are wooden doors that open. It gets its name because at the start of every hour, the small doors on the clock open up and a little wooden bird comes out of the door. The clock then makes a noise which sounds like a bird call ( "Koo-Koo" or "cuckoo").

The clock makes the sound one time for each hour it is. Whether it is morning or night does not change the number of times the bird makes the sound.

For example:

  • 1 o'clock in the afternoon = 1 "cuckoo"
  • 8 o'clock in the morning = 8 "cuckoos"
  • 8 o'clock at night = 8 "cuckoos"