Culgoa River

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Culgoa River
Name origin: Aboriginal: meaning "running through, returning"[2]
Country Australia
States Queensland, New South Wales
Region IBRA: Darling Riverine Plains
Districts South West Queensland, Orana, New South Wales
Municipalities Balonne, Brewarrina, Bourke
Part of Darling River, Murray–Darling basin
 - left Balonne River, Birrie River
Source Balonne River
 - location near Dirranbandi
 - elevation 187 m (614 ft)
Mouth confluence with the Darling River
 - location north–west of Bourke
 - elevation 109 m (358 ft)
Length 489 km (304 mi)

Culgoa River is a river in the South West Queensland district of Queensland and the Orana district of New South Wales, Australia.

The river is the western branch of the Balonne River in southern Queensland, near Dirranbandi. It flows southwest across parts of the Darling Riverine Plains. The river is joined by ten tributaries. It flows into the Darling River near Bourke, New South Wales.

Culgoa is an Aboriginal word meaning "running through" or "returning".[2]

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Coordinates: 29°04′S 147°06′E / 29.067°S 147.100°E / -29.067; 147.100