Culinary mustard

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Mustard spread on bread.

Culinary mustard is a condiment people use when making food. It comes from the seeds of the mustard plant.

Preparation[change | change source]

Mustard is prepared by grinding the seeds of the Mustard plant, and mixing them with water or vinegar. Depending on which seeds are taken, and/or how much vinegar is added, the mustard may turn out hotter or less hot.

Use[change | change source]

Most mustard is made available as a bottled condiment and can be spread on a slice of sandwich bread, salad, vegetables, meat or squirted onto a hotdog or a potato salad, along with ketchup, horseradish and other spices. It is often found in fast-food restaurants in the form of a small packet which the diner may open and squeeze into the dish of choice.

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