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Curly Top is a 1935 musical movie starring Shirley Temple. It was directed by Irving Cummings. It is loosely based on the 1912 children's book Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster. The movie tells the story of an orphan adopted by a rich man. Temple introduced one of her signature songs, "Animal Crackers in My Soup", in the movie.

Curly Top was a box office hit, but it was banned in Denmark for unspecified "corruption".[1] In China, Madame Chiang Kai-shek asked for repeated private showings.[1]

Cast[change | change source]

  • Shirley Temple as Elizabeth Blair, an inmate of a dreary orphanage
  • John Boles as Edward Morgan, a rich trustee of the orphanage
  • Rochelle Hudson as Mary Blair, Elizabeth’s teenage sister
  • Esther Dale as Genevieve Graham, Morgan’s elderly aunt
  • Arthur Treacher as Reynolds, Morgan’s English butler
  • Jane Darwell as Mrs. Henrietta Denham, a heavy-set, elderly matron at the orphanage
  • Rafaela Ottiano as Mrs. Higgins, the severe, thin-lipped superintendent of the orphanage
  • Etienne Girardot as James Wyckoff, a stern, elderly, penny-pinching trustee of the Orphanage and the manufacturer of Wyckoff’s Cough Mixture
  • Maurice Murphy as Jimmie Rogers, Mary's rich young suitor

References[change | change source]

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