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Damage to an electric locomotive in Vraňany in the Czech Republic caused by a car crash.
Damage to a gas station in Texas caused by a hurricane.
Damage to cabbage leaves caused by insects.
Damage caused by military action in the Gulf War.

In English, the word damage has different, but related meanings:

  1. If physical force is applied to an object, this may change the object. It is possible that the object or tool does no longer work the same way as it did before. The force that was applied, caused damage. Making the object work again is called repairing it or mending it.
  2. If a living thing suffers damage, people usually talk about an injury.
  3. In the sense of the law, damage can also mean that someone can no longer pursue an economic interest, because of something that happened. Depending on the circumstances, the one who caused the damage may be required to repair it.