Dance of Death (album)

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Dance of Death
Studio album by Iron Maiden
Released 8 September 2003
Genre Heavy metal
Length 67:59
Label EMI
Producer Steve Harris, Kevin Shirley
Iron Maiden chronology
Eddie's Archive
(2002)Eddie's Archive2002
Dance of Death
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(2005)Death on the Road2005

Dance of Death is an album by Iron Maiden. It is their thirteenth album and went on sale on 8 September 2003.[1] It was produced by Kevin Shirley and Steve Harris.[2]

The album was well-received; one person who reviewed it said it was a "triumphant return to form for these heavy metal legends.[3]

The picture on the front of the album has many mistakes in it. Some people appear to have broken bones. Others look like they are standing on top of people or animals.[4]

Musicians[change | change source]

Track listing[change | change source]

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Wildest Dreams"  Adrian Smith, Steve Harris 3:52
2. "Rainmaker"  Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Harris 3:48
3. "No More Lies"  Steve Harris 7:22
4. "Montségur"  Dickinson, Janick Gers, Harris 5:50
5. "Dance of Death"  Gers, Harris 8:36
6. "Gates of Tomorrow"  Dickinson, Gers, Harris 5:12
7. "New Frontier"  Dickinson, Smith, Nicko McBrain 5:04
8. "Paschendale"  Smith, Harris 8:28
9. "Face in the Sand"  Dickinson, Smith, Harris 6:31
10. "Age of Innocence"  Murray, Harris 6:10
11. "Journeyman"  Dickinson, Smith, Harris 7:07
Total length:

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