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Dauria (movie)

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Directed byViktor Tregubovich
Written byKonstantin Sedykh
StarringArkadi Trusov
Petr Shelokhonov
Vitali Solomin
Vera Kuznetsova
Vasili Shukshin
Yefim Kopelyan
CinematographyYevgeni Mezentsev
Music byGennadi Portnov
Distributed by- USA -
- non-USA -
Release date
Running time
182 min.
Country Russia Russia

Dauria is a Russian 1971 historical action/drama directed by Viktor Tregubovich. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Konstantin Sedykh.

The Epic scope and intense battle scenes won wide praise in Russia.

Russian Cossacks in Siberia live in their village like one big family. Young Cossack Roman Ulybin is in love with a beautiful girl. Roman cannot marry the beauty, because his father has no money.

After the Communist revolution in Russia, people suffer more. Traditional life ends in chaos and crime. Communism makes no happy end.

  • Arkadi Trusov as Grandfather Ulybin.
  • Petr Shelokhonov as Severian Ulybin. The father of Roman.
  • Vitali Solomin as Roman Ulybin. The son of Severian.
  • Vera Kuznetsova as Ulybina. The wife of Severian.
  • Vasili Shukshin as Vasili Ulybin, the leader of Communists.
  • Yefim Kopelyan as Ataman Kargin, the leader of Cossacks village.
  • Mikhail Kokshenov as Fedot, the neighbor of Ulybins.
  • Yuri Solomin as Semen, a Communist agent.
  • Viktor Pavlov as Nikifor, a hard core Cossack.
  • Svetlana Golovina as Dashutka, the love interest of Roman Ulybin.
  • Zhenya Malyantsev as Roman's little brother.
  • Fyodor Odinokov as Dashutka's father.
  • Lyubov Malinovskaya as Dashutka's mother.
  • Yuri Nazarov as a runaway prisoner.
  • Vsevolod Kuznetsov as Cossack Platon Volokitin.
  • Lidiya Feoseeva-Shukshina as Matchmaker.
  • Zinovi Gerdt as Tsarist General Semenov.
  • Georgi Shtil as Anarchist Revolutionary.
  • Igor Yefimov as Cossack.
  • Dmitri Masanov as Cossack.
  • Vladimir Losev as Cossack.
  • Sergei Polezhaev as Cossack.
  • Aleksandr Demyanenko as Executioner.
  • Igor Dmitriev as Executioner.

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