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A demisexual is a person who doesn't experience primary sexual attraction (based on sight or smell or other instantly available information).

Demisexuals do experience secondary sexual attraction (after knowing more about the person than just their looks), how much demisexuals need to know about said person and for how long they need to know about them for secondary sexual attraction to develop varies from person to person.[1]

The term was coined in February 8, 2006 at the AVEN Forums by a member named “Sonofzeal”. Based on the theory that allosexuals experience both primary and secondary sexual attraction and asexuals don’t experience neither, based on the need for a term to describe those who experienced one but not the other they proposed the term demisexuals.[2]

Demisexuality is also often mistaken as an admirable choice rather than an innate sexuality. Demisexuality also is not related to a moral or religious belief about sex. It is a sexual orientation, not a choice.[3]

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