Democracy sausage

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A democracy sausage near a Canberra voting place in 2016.

Democracy sausage is a food eaten in Australia on election day.[1]

Democracy sausage might have started in the 1980s or the 2010s depending on what counts as democracy sausage. When Australians hold an election, everyone must come to the voting place. People are not allowed to stay home. Australians started showing up to voting places with grills and cooking sausage for the voters to buy and eat. They put the sausage in a piece of bread.[1]

Twitter created a sausage picture that it added to posts with the hashtags #ausvote and #auspoll and other hashtags about voting in Australia.[1]

The Australian National Dictionary Center named "Democracy sausage" the Word or Phrase of the Year in 2016.[1]

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