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Deng Mingzhu

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Deng Mingzhu (born 10 November 1987) is a Chinese wheelchair basketball player. She is a member of the China women's national wheelchair basketball team and the Guangdong Province team. She finished 5th at the 2012 Summer Paralympics and 6th at the 2016 Summer Paralympics.[1] She won the silver medal at the 2020 Summer Paralympics. [2][3][4]

She is born on 10 November 1987. Due to infantile paralysis she has a spinal cord injury. She started playing wheelchair basketball in 2007 when she was 20 years old in Guangzhou at the Guangdong Province wheelchair basketball team.

She studied computing at the Guangdong Peiying Vocational School in Guangzhou. She is married to Feng Liangzhu.[2]

She competed at the 2010 Asian Para Games, and 2014 Asian Para Games.

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