Desmoxytes purpurosea

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Desmoxytes purpurosea
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Diplopoda
Order: Polydesmida
Family: Paradoxosomatidae
Genus: Desmoxytes
Species: D. purpurosea
Binomial name
Desmoxytes purpurosea
Enghoff, Sutcharit, & Panha, 2007

The Shocking Pink (Dragon) Millipede[1] (also called the Dragon Millipede[2] or Desmoxytes purpurosea) is a millipede who has a bright pink color on its spiny body. It is very toxic. They have glands that release cyanide to protect them from predators.

The WWF announced on December 15, 2008 this new species along with a thousand others found in the Greater Mekong region in the last ten years.[3] It can be found at the Tai side of the Mekong river.[4]

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