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Diana degli Andalò

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Diana degli Andalò

Born1201 (1201)
Bologna, Italy
Died(1236-06-10)10 June 1236
Bologna, Italy
Venerated inCatholic Church
Beatified8 August 1888 (1888-08-08) or 24 December 1891 (1891-12-24) by Pope Leo XIII
Major shrineConvent of Saint Agnes, Bologna
Feast10 June

...She [Diana] and the other two members of the community who were beatified with her personify the three essential graces of monastic life: Amata, deep humility, Cecilia, the prioress, wise and creative authority; Diana, the greatest grace of them all, perfect love.

Gerald Vann, O.P.[1]

Diana degli Andalò was a Dominican nun. She founded a convent for her order. Diana was born in 1201 and died in 1236.[2]

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