Didactic method

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didactic method is a teaching method that follows a consistent educational style to present information to students. The discipline of didactics is interested in both theoretical knowledge and practical activities related to teaching, learning and their conditions. It is concerned with the content of teaching (the "what"), the method of teaching (the "how") and the reasons of curricular choices (the "why"). It focuses on the individual learner and their cognitive functioning when they learn. It uses cognitive psychology and the theory of teaching, and sometimes social psychology. In continental Europe, as opposed to English-speaking research cultures, pedagogy and didactics are distinct areas of study. Didactics is a knowledge-based discipline concerned with the descriptive and rational study of all teaching-related activities before, during and after the teaching of content in the classroom, which includes the "planning, control and regulation of the teaching context" and its objective is to analyze how teaching leads to learning. On the other hand, pedagogy is a practice-oriented discipline concerned with the normative study of the applied aspects of teaching in real teaching contexts inside the classroom.