Digital signage

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Digital signage is a type of electronic sign that displays digital images, videos, text, and other content using technologies like LCD, LED, projection, and e-paper. These signs can be found in public places like museums, stadiums, and transportation systems and in retail stores, hotels, and corporate buildings. They are used for things like giving directions, displaying information, advertising, and entertainment. Digital signage is managed from a central location and can display different messages to different audiences.

Digital signage has many uses that can help a business achieve various goals. Some common examples are:

  • Providing public information like news, weather, traffic, and building maps with important information like fire exits and traveler information.
  • Sharing internal information like corporate messages related to health and safety or company news.
  • Displaying product information like pricing, photos, and suggested uses, is especially helpful in food marketing where signs may include nutritional facts or recipes.
  • Enhancing the customer service experience with interpretive signage in places like museums, galleries, zoos, and parks.
  • Advertising and promoting products or services related to the sign's location or the screen's audience reach.
  • Building a brand identity through in-store digital signs.
  • Influencing customer behavior, such as directing them to different areas or increasing their "dwell time" on the premises.
  • Influencing product or brand decision-making, such as signage at the point of sale to help shoppers choose between products.
  • Enhancing the customer experience by reducing perceived wait time or providing demonstrations, like recipe displays in food stores.
  • Providing navigation assistance through interactive screens, like those found in some tourist attractions.
  • Allowing employees to make reservations through small, interactive screens on walls or desks that integrate with a room and resource scheduling platform.