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Temporal range: Late Permian
Dimetrodon grandis skeleton at the
National Museum of Natural History
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Synapsida
Order: Pelycosauria
Family: Sphenacodontidae
Genus: Dimetrodon
Cope, 1878
  • D. milleri
  • D. natalis
  • D. limbatus
  • D. booneorum
  • D. gigashomogenes
  • D. grandis
  • D. loomisi
  • D. angelensis
  • D. teutonis

Dimetrodon was a prehistoric reptile from the Permian period (about 309–233 million years ago). It was thought to be a dinosaur with a sail like the Spinosaurus but people later found out that it was a four legged animal. It lived 238 million years ago.