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Dinah was a person from the Book of Genesis who was the daughter of Jacob and Leah. After Shechem kidnapped her, brought her to his hometown and raped her, he wanted to marry her. So Shechem’s father, a king named Hamor asked Jacob what it would take for Shechem to marry Dinah. Jacob asked his sons what to do about what had happened and they told him to tell Hamor that the daughters of Israel would never marry the men of Shechem unless they agreed to circumcision. Then the men of Shechem actually circumcised themselves. Then Shechem married Dinah. Then three days later, Simeon and Levi, killed all adult males in Shechem as revenge for the rape of Dinah. When Jacob was worried that the Canaanites would kill them for that and was angry with Simeon and Levi because of it, they asked him “shall our sister be treated as a whore.”