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Dinajpur Zilla School is a public high school in Dinajpur District, Bangladesh. About 2000 students read here. It is acclaimed as the best school in bangladesh.[1][2]

Dinajpur Zilla School
দিনাজপুর জিলা স্কুল
Municipality office road
Dinajpur, Bangladesh
School type Government funded Secondary School
Motto Knowledge is Power
জ্ঞানই শক্তি
Established 1854 (1854)
Session January–December
Principal Akhtara Parvin
Teaching staff 52
Grades 3-10
Gender Male Only
Age 08 to 17
Number of students 2000
Medium of language Bengali
Campus Dinajpur
Sports Football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton
Nickname DZS

History[change | change source]

Dinajpur Zila School was established in 1854 in the Pratap House by the Raja Tarakanath. It 1856 the government nationalised the school and converted it into the Zila (district) school. Despite the nationalisation, the school was still financially supported by the Raja and other local influentials in the 19th century. It has one of best graduation rates in Bangladesh. The current school building was built in the 20th century and upgraded in the 21st century. The main office and library is in a building that was a revenue office built in the 18th century by Raja Baiyanath. The student hostel was built in 1910.The hostel is still at Zilla School. The library building is now being painted again and the floors are being replaced[3]

Admission[change | change source]

The Admission for the school mainly starts from class 3. The school gives 1 year for preparation of the examination. As example, on 2017, those students who read in class 2, take preparation for the admission exam which is held usually in the last week of December. After the exam 240 students are chosen from thousands of examinees. They read in class 3 in the next year.[3]

Notable Alumni[change | change source]

  • General Shafiul Hauqe, Chief of Army Staff of Bangladesh Army
  • Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury, a politician, social reformer and member of the Ghugudanga Zemindar family
  • Narayan Gangopadhyay, the famous Bengali writer and Professor of University of Calcutta[4]
  • Rampran Gupta, Historian, Author and leader of Brahmo Samaj.

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